New CloudLinux 7 Beta Linux Kernel Available for Testing, Two Crashes Addressed

The updated kernel is now available in the updates-testing repository for CloudLinux 7 and CloudLinux 6 Hybrid users, and it was versioned as 3.10.0-614.10.2.lve1.4.46. It replaces kernel 3.10.0-427.36.1.lve1.4.45 and was rebased on the OpevVZ kernel rh7-3.10.0-514.10.2.vz7.29.2 from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Two Linux kernel crashes were resolved in this new update, namely CLKRN-104, a crash that occurred around rhashtable as part of rebase, and CLKRN-106, a crash that occurred when attempting to set the vm.vfs_cache_min_ratio option to zero in runtime. Therefore, we recommend updating your systems as soon as possible.