New Parabola GNU/Linux Release Enables Parabola Community Repository by Default

Among the changes implemented in the Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre 2016.11.03 install medium, as announced by Andr?? Fabian Silva Delgado, we can mention the addition of the ttf-dejavu fonts and dmidecode tool for dumping a computer’s DMI table contents in a human-readable format in the MATE ISO images, along with better English translation for the command-line installer. Additionally, it appears that the PCR (Parabola Community Repository) has been enabled by default for all available Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre 2016.11.03 install mediums, including the main Live ISO image, which can be used for installation and recovery, the MATE desktop Live ISO, and the TalkingParabola ISO adapted for blind and visually impaired users.