NewsForge: My Desktop OS: Damn Small Linux

“I’m a student who does freelance PHP coding and pixel art. I’ve
always wanted a dedicated computer for my work, but that would take
a considerable investment on a student’s income. I found the
perfect solution in the pairing of an older Compaq Deskpro and Damn
Small Linux (DSL).

“Damn Small Linux is a great match for older hardware because
it’s loaded with lightweight software. My machine has a 166MHz
Pentium CPU with 32MB of RAM and a 1.2GB hard drive, and it runs
extremely well with DSL. I’ve always favored simple applications
that do one job and do it well, so the stripped down nature of the
programs included with DSL doesn’t bother me. However, if I need
the extra power of more complex programs, they’re a breeze to