Nine Collabora Developers Have Contributed 33 Patches to the Linux 4.17 Kernel

Released by Linus Torvalds on June 3, 2018, Linux 4.17 is now the most advanced kernel series, adding lots of changes over previous releases. Among some of its highlights, we can mention support for Intel’s Cannon Lake processor architecture and HDCP digital copy protection, HDMI/DP audio support for many AMD Radeon GPUs, as well as support for the upcoming AMD Radeon Vega 12 GPUs. Of course, there are also dozens of updated and new drivers implemented in the Linux 4.17 kernel, as well as support for new architectures, such as the Andes NDS32. Collabora’s developers managed to contribute a total of 33 patches during the development cycle of Linux kernel 4.17, as well as to reviewed-by tag 60 patches, sign-off-by tag 93 patches, and test-by tag 4 patches.