Nine Collabora Developers Have Contributed 45 Patches to the Linux 5.0 Kernel

Linux kernel 5.0 brings several goodies to the table, including FreeSync support in the AMDGPU open-source graphics driver for stutter-free viewing experience on AMD Radeon GPUs, support for swap files in the Btrfs file system, a new energy-aware scheduling feature for ARM big.LITTLE CPUs, and support for the Adiantum file system encryption in fscrypt for low power devices. Linux kernel 5.0 also introduces support for the binderfs file system to allow running of multiple Android instances, support for the Generic Receive Offload (GRO) feature in the UDP implementation, and much more. Collabora’s developers managed to contribute a total of 45 patches during the development cycle of Linux kernel 5.0, as well as to sign-off-by tag 47 patches and reviewed-by tag 9 patches.