NVIDIA Unleashes Quadro M6000 Workstation Graphics Powerhouse Based On Maxwell

As the “M” in its name implies, this is a Maxwell-based Quadro – the first of its kind. Just as with the desktop GeForce series, the move from Kepler to Maxwell on Quadro offers a slew of benefits, from improved general performance (in some cases up to 2.5x) to increased power efficiency. Specs-wise, the M6000 is effectively a GTX TITAN X, but clocked down ever-so-slightly. It’s comprised of 3,072 CUDA cores, a 988MHz clock speed, and memory throughput of 317GB/s (vs. 336.5GB/s of TITAN X). Also, like the monstrous TITAN X, the M6000 features 12GB of memory and a 250W TDP.