Open source quantum simulator libquantum celebrates 10th anniversary with new release


Hanover, GERMANY — Jan 29, 2013 — The libquantum Development Team
(http://www.libquantum.de/) announces the release of libquantum 1.1.1,
celebrating the 10th anniversary of the open source quantum simulator.

libquantum started out in February 2003 as a simulation library for
quantum computers. Since then, the library matured into a general
purpose tool for simulating quantum mechanics, constantly adding new
features over the years. One of the highlights occurred in 2010, when
libquantum was used in research that was selected as one of the
breakthroughs of the year by Science magazine. “When we started
libquantum ten years ago, we could not possibly have foreseen these
turn of events” says Dr. Hendrik Weimer, physicist and libquantum core

The new release adds three different methods for finding ground states
of quantum systems, which is one of the dominant lines of research in
quantum many-body physics. Further improvements offer better memory
usage and increased performance, including support for parallel

About libquantum:

libquantum is a highly optimized C library for the simulation of
quantum systems, especially of quantum computers. It is used in
research and teaching at academic institutions all over the world.


Web: http://www.libquantum.de/
E-Mail: [email protected]