OpenShot 2.6 Video Editor Released with New Computer Vision and AI Effects, More

More than six months in development, OpenShot 2.6 is here with lots of goodies for users of this video editor, with new computer vision and AI effects like motion tracking, object detection, and stabilization; new audio effects like compressor, distortion, delay, echo, parametric EQ, expander, noise, Robotization, and whisperization; as well as a new Zoom Slider widget for easier navigation of the timeline.

Also new in this release is the Caption video effect that can be used for rasterizing/rendering text captions on top of a video stream, parentable keyframes, new effect icons, almost 1000 new emojis, and support for the latest FFmpeg, Blender, WebEngine, and WebKit technologies. These new features put OpenShot on par with professional video editors, while providing users with better compatibility and interoperability with most video file formats.