openSUSE Tumbleweed Users Received KDE Applications 16.08.3, VirtualBox 5.1.8

openSUSE Tumbleweed users are always getting the newest software releases, and it looks like, during the week that passed, they received a bunch of interesting goodies, starting with the rest of the packages from the GNOME 3.22.2 Stack, which means that they can now enjoy a full-featured GNOME 3.22.2 desktop environment, and continuing with the KDE Applications 16.08.3 software suite for KDE Plasma 5.8 users. Apart from the new software releases mentioned above, openSUSE Tumbleweed users have also received the recently released digiKam 5.3.0 open-source and cross-platform image editor and organizer, fixed Boost libraries for better Python 3 integration, Linux kernel 4.8.7, Wireshark 2.2.2 network protocol analyzer, and VirtualBox 5.1.8 virtualization tool, which, for some reason, lays the groundwork for Linux kernel 4.9.