Packt’s $ 5 campaign

Packt’s $5 offer returns

Thousands of technology eBooks and videos are available for just $5.

As the decade draws to a close, it’s a great time to review how technology and software development has evolved, as well as where it’s going to go next. From the irresistible rise of cloud, the shift to React, the excitement around artificial intelligence, it’s been a decade of significant change, challenging tech professionals while also opening new opportunities.

With all that in mind, Packt’s annual $5 sale couldn’t come at a better time. With just about every single eBook and video on the publisher’s website now available for just $5 – into January – it’s a great time to stock up on content to prepare you for an uncertain but exciting future in tech.

So, whether you need to quickly learn new technologies and skills for the early part of 2020, or you simply want to explore something new just for fun, Packt’s $5 offer is a great place to begin exploring. Covering topics as wide-ranging as data science and machine learning to front end web development and DevOps, Packt’s comprehensive library contains content for any developer, whatever you want to do, and wherever you want to go next.

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