Panther MPC: Linux Based Full Desktop Experience in the Palm of Your Hand


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Panther MPC, a Palo Alto company, is introducing its Indiegogo campaign for the Panther Alpha – a micro pc (fits in the palm of your hand) with all the features and capabilities of a desktop computer. Built on a unique custom Linux-based operating system, the Panther features all the ports necessary for compatibility with keyboards, mouses, and a variety of displays. It’s also completely open source, with a wide range of preloaded essential apps (including Microsoft compatible productivity suite) and an app store for an endless number of custom configurations. Starting at only $79, it is anticipated to ship in January.

Here’s a Dropbox folder with images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i6qljuqlove4726/AABhAW3xbN-79JvHh2jlVP2Oa?dl=0

The full press release is included below. Please let me know if you’d like more information or to speak to someone from Panther MPC.

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Tiny Linux-Based Personal Micro PC ???Panther Alpha??? Launches on Kickstarter

Combines full desktop functionality with ultra-customizable Linux OS that fits in the palm of your hand

PALO ALTO, CA. NOVEMBER 3, 2016 – Panther MPC Inc. today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for its Panther Alpha personal micro PC featuring the company’s powerful and easy to use Panther OS. The compact design packs inside the latest hardware and software for personal computing with endless possibilities. Functional, powerful and there when you need it; unobtrusive when you don’t. The campaign begins November 3, 2016, and early adopters can take advantage of the $79 price for Kickstarter backers. Expected ship date is January 2017. For more information, visit http://ypc.io/2eAGfv9.

The Panther Alpha is the culmination of years of industry innovation and development coming together in a confluence of events: today’s ARM chips are powerful enough, there is more of a focus of Linux on ARM, leading to the ability to offer a highly energy efficient yet powerful micro-computer. The singular goal was to create a micro PC with focused technology that maximizes usability with a purpose-driven approach to system and components. The result – the smallest, most versatile customizable micro PC on the market – with a fully open source operating system.

???At Panther, we believe that open source is the way forward,??? said Franz Geffke, Founder and CEO of Panther MPC Inc. ???Its true core is collaboration: of skill, talent, and brilliance. The most innovative and world-changing leaps forward have been made by people coming together over a vision and a shared purpose, and the Panther Alpha is designed as the perfect tool to help propel our user’s visions.???

(Small) Size is Power

The Panther Alpha compacts the features of a true desktop PC into a sleek design that fits in the palm of your hand. Whisper quiet with no fan or HDD noises, and powered by energy efficient ARM quad-core chipset, the Panther Alpha is a perfect fit anywhere, for any user. Unlike most micro PCs, the Panther Alpha offers a true desktop experience with mouse, keyboard input, microSD card slot, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB functionality. The portable and compact shape allows it to integrate seamlessly into any environment – business, home, and school. It’s not just a PC you can carry in your pocket – it’s the only PC you’ll ever need. Whether for entertainment at home or powering productivity software at work – the Panther Alpha plugs into your existing hardware to meet your every computing need.

Specs Include:

2 GHz 64bit Quad Core CPU



1000 Mbit Ethernet

2.4/5GHz 802.11n Wireless

Bluetooth 4.0

HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm audio

microSD Card Reader

2x USB ports

Built-in VPN support

Microsoft-compatible office productivity suite

Powered by 5V DC plug (included)

Open Source, Infinite Potential

Panther Alpha runs Panther OS, an open source custom Linux operating system loaded with functionality and possibility. Panther OS comes pre-loaded with an abundance of applications for personal and enterprise use. Chat, email, productivity, music, movies, editing, browsing, or web surfing – everything you need is right in the box, optimized for the best Panther Alpha experience.

An available app store provides additional customization options, offering apps on Panther Alpha tested Open Source software free from licensing restrictions. Unrestricted use, unrestricted imagination, and endless possibilities for use. Customize your micro PC for your exact needs. The Linux based OS offers stable, secure, and nearly virus free use – central features for individual home users and enterprise adopters. Built on powerful source codes, Panther OS will receive regular security updates and bug fixes directly from Panther MPC, so your device can grow with you.

The Panther OS was designed with usability in mind. An unfamiliar OS is a hassle, and for businesses making a transition, it can be costly in both funds and productivity. That’s why we’re bringing you a platform that fits seamlessly with the majority’s computer experience and offers all the advantages of Linux: unparalleled security, complete control, and support you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you are coming from a Windows or Mac environment, you’ll instantly feel right at home with Panther.


The Panther Alpha is available through the Panther MPC Kickstarter campaign beginning November 1, 2016. Visit XXXXXXXXXXXXX to sign up.

About Panther MPC Inc

Panther MPC specializes in developing innovative hardware and software that unlocks the extraordinary potential of personal microcomputing. Designed to maximum usability, customizability, and portability, the Panther Alpha takes all the power of a desktop computer and brings it to the palm of your hand. Visit https://www.panther-mpc.com/ for more information.


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