Parted Magic 2016_10_18 Disk Partitioning Live CD Released with over 800 Updates

Parted Magic 2016_10_18 brings three month’s worth of updates and improvements, and, according to the official announcement, approximately 800 packages have been updated. Also, it looks like new artwork, including new desktop theme and icons, was implemented to spice things up a little bit for existing customers, as well as newcomers who decide to buy Parted Magic. In related news, Parted Magic LLC is now running its Free Student Copies program again, offering free copies of the Parted Magic Live CD to students that can’t afford to buy it. The same program appears to have been a success two years ago, in 2014, and if you’re a student in need of Parted Magic, you can get a free copy right now from https://partedmagic.com/students/.