Parted Magic Linux Live CD Now Ships with ZFS, Linux 4.9.1 and X.Org Server 1.19

Shipping with the recently released Linux 4.9.1 kernel, which was recently marked as stable and ready for production by renowned Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman, as well as an updated graphics stack based on the X.Org Server 1.19.0 display server, Parted Magic 2017_01_08 support the ZFS file system. From the release announcement, it would appear that Parted Magic 2017_01_08 includes numerous updated and new components. Among the latter, we can mention BleachBit 1.12 system cleaner, x11vnc VNC server, Grub Customizer 5.0.6 GRUB bootloader customization tool, as well as the zerofree 1.0.4 and FSlint 2.44 utils.