PC Week: God save the Queen and Linux, too: We mean it, man!

“It was the Sex Pistols that ushered in the era of punk. They
made it real! They meant it!

It may seem like an odd parallel, but Linux is just becoming
real, too. This is important for us IT managers because, as Linux
emerges from the stealth stage, it’s going to become as real as
punk was after the Pistols took it on, and we’re going to have to
deal with it.”

“Any time Microsoft is scared, the entity that instills the fear
is legitimized. And folks, Redmond is real worried about this one.
Perhaps you heard about the “Halloween Document,” where a Microsoft
employee took a look at Linux and concluded that Microsoft could
not use the normal scare tactics to neutralize it. Sadly for
Redmond, there’s too much good press on behalf of Linux for those
tactics to fly. The bottom line is that Microsoft is the
establishment, and Linux is the Johnny Rotten of code: pure, real,
true–and maybe the future.”

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