PCWorld: Where the Geeks Are Taking Us

“So I was at LinuxWorld Expo here in San Francisco a few weeks
back, looking for news to bring to the Free Agent crowd. (It is a
continuing pleasure to read the responses that flow in via e-mail
with each new column. Please keep that feedback coming!) And you
know what? I had to dig. I mean, really dig.

“This is typical at the Expo. The big, in-your-face news–the
stuff that generates press releases and press kits and tchotchkes,
and flows out of garish, hypercolored booths–is almost always
geared at big business. We’re talking enterprise solutions, here.
Clusters. High-availability this-and-that. It’s all very
interesting if you’re a CTO or an IT manager–or if you’re a
journalist catering to those crowds…”