Performance Reports and Comparative Debugging to Score for Allinea at SC13

Analytics to provide performance insight for system owners

Allinea Performance Reports2013-11-18, Denver, CO, Allinea Software – the trusted leader in software development tools for High Performance Computing – unveiled a new tool targeting system owners and developers alike at the SC13 Supercomputing exhibition.

The new tool, Allinea Performance Reports, provides a scalable and effective way to characterize and understand the performance of HPC application runs, without needing to instrument or recompile applications.

???With Allinea Performance Reports, everyone involved in the running of HPC applications and systems can instantly characterize the nature of applications and diagnose problems from configuration issues and system contention right through to application code optimization and compiler choice,??? said Mark O???Connor, VP Product Management at Allinea Software.

???By being non-intrusive and able to run automatically on applications, we hope to foster a positive culture of performance awareness inside HPC – and accelerate the rate of scientific development and the return on HPC investment in hardware and software.???

Allinea Software will also reveal new extensions to its unified development tool suite for debugging and profiling HPC applications. Allinea MAP and Allinea DDT, its market-leading scalable profiling and debugging tools for parallel code, form a seamless environment to allow HPC developers to be productive.

???We’re excited to be showing the latest additions to Allinea MAP – including performance profiling for the Intel Xeon Phi; we’ll be showing it can help computational scientists and developers improve the performance of their code on this platform,??? said David Lecomber, CEO of Allinea Software.

???With many codes in HPC today pervasive changes are being made to previously stable codebases to support or optimize for heterogeneous architectures – inevitably increasing the risk of defects. Developers can more rapidly identify the origins of those defects by linking debugging and version control systems. The enhancements in Allinea DDT will automatically identify source changes and allow users compare behavior with a previous session. For the first time, developers will be able to see the consequences of a change on program correctness.??? added Lecomber.

Allinea Software will be exhibiting at Booth #1719, of the SC13 Supercomputing Exhibition in Denver, CO, November 18-21 2013.