PerlMonth Issue #10 has been published

From the front page of PerlMonth Issue #10:

“Welcome to the Tenth edition of PerlMonth. We like to apologize
for being few days late for this issue. This month Slaven will not
be writing an article about Perl/TK but will be back next month
with another excellent edition to his column.”

“Howerver, we are starting a brand new monthly column called
“BEGIN { Perl };” by Jeff Boes. Jeff will cover different aspects
of learning Perl in the beginning. This column will not be about
beginners programming in general but more like beginner Perl
programming. Many thanks to Jeff for taking some time out and
contributing. You can read his first article here:

{ Perl };

“Table Of Contents

  • MacPerl and XML
  • XS Mechanics – Part 5
  • It Slices, It Splices, It Makes Fries
  • mod_perl Coding Guidelines – Part 3
  • Typeglobs and Function Prototypes
  • Programming with HTML::Mason – Part 2″

You may find issue 10 of PerlMonth here.