Presswire: 13,000 Linux Users to Join Ranks of Wired Home Early Adopters

X10.com…and Andover.net are looking for 13,000 web
builders who have what it takes to participate in a free test of
the FireCracker home control starter kit, an introduction to the
home of the future where electrical devices are controlled via
remote control…

“During the one-million dollar promotion, X10.com and
Andover.net will give-away more than 13,000 FireCracker kits, a
$73.00 retail value, for only $5.90 to cover administrative and
handling charges…”

“We realize that the support and endorsement of leading edge Web
communities such as Andover.net is vital to our goal of a putting a
FireCracker kit in every home,” said Alex Peder, president,
X10.com. “There is no better way to fuel the mass adoption of our
Wired Home products than by giving early adopters a free taste of
what its like to be truly in control of their home, without the
expense and hassle of additional wiring and cumbersome

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