Q4OS Delivers a Classic Desktop for Business with TDE

Q4OS is like Exe GNU/Linux a distribution using the Trinity desktop and based on Debian Stable.

In fact I could have picked Exe as well for review but Q4OS just had a new release and it looks cleaner from the start. It was simply the novelty factor that pulled me towards it and it’s got a few nice touches of its own as we shall see. Version 0.5.20 was just released on 11/11/2014 and is available both for the mainstream 32 (i386) and 64-bit architectures. The images are a modest 314MB and 337MB respectively which makes for a speedy download and will definitely fit on your CD or even older USB sticks. Hardware requirements are quoted as equivalent to a 300MHz Pentium, 128 MB Ram and 3GB of hard drive space minimum. Nice one, that should cover almost every PC still out there. The word lightweight may be overused these days but the above seems very light indeed, and the old KDE3/TDE clone runs like a champ on more modern hardware with a few cores at the 2GHz level. You might be forgiven to think it’s Xfce or Openbox performance-wise. The distributed ISO’s are installation media only and do not offer a live session. Note: An updated 0.5.21 has just been released.