Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 Released with Live Kernel Patching, Improvements

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 is here nine months after the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 as the last maintenance and security update in the series to add one more layer of stability and reliability to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system series, which Red Hat promises to keep alive for a few more years, but without releasing additional maintenance updates. As such, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 will be supported for two years, until August 30th, 2021. Highlights of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 release include new features that promise to help operations teams maintain and further control their workloads across environments, such as Red Hat Insights for detecting, analyzing, and addressing a wide range of security problems, as well as configuration issues that may lead to downtime, and improvements to the network stack by offloading NFVs (Network Functions Virtualization) and virtual switching to network controller hardware.