Red Herring: Transmeta takes aim at Intel

“In front of a crush of press drawn by the secretive and sexy
company, Transmeta CEO Dave Ditzel proclaimed that “if it has a
battery and a Web browser, it’s going to be built with

“So what is Crusoe? It’s the code-name for a family of what
Transmeta terms mobile Internet processors. The first two members
of the family, the TM 3120 and the TM 5400, were unveiled here
Wednesday, and if they live up to the company’s claims about them,
they could present a real challenge for Intel in the mobile

“When he unveiled the TM 3120, Mr. Ditzel said it will run a
“new class of computers,” and he held up a mobile computing device
that was nearly as large as a notebook computer, but its entire
face was a touch screen. When he tapped the screen, a virtual
keyboard appeared on it, and thanks to a built-in wireless
connection he was already on the Internet.”