Reviewers and companies in the WebKit project

Bitergia has produced a new analysis, now on who is reviewing, and to which companies reviewers are affiliated in the WebKit project. Since changes to source code have to be accepted by a reviewer, to some extent they are acting as the gatekeepers of the project, those in charge of ensuring that new code matches quality standards, and are in line with the project guidelines.

Therefore, the analysis of which companies are employing reviewers shows the project from another perspective, this time focused on those involved in this gatekeeping activity.Apple is clearly the most reviewing company, followed by Google. However, it is interesting to compare with the situation for 2012. In this case, Google and Apple exchange their positions, with Google almost doubling the reviews by Apple.

Having into account that reviewers need to have experience (and therefore, time of stay) in the project, this is showing how Google is not only contributing a large share of WebKit work, but also taking the responsibility of reviewing contributions.

The report includes detailed information for all the companies contributing to WebKit, both aggregated and for each of them.