Rocky Linux 8.4 ?Green Obsidian? Is Out as the First Stable Release

Derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 and dubbed ?Green Obsidian,? Rocky Linux 8.4 is here as the first stable release and introduces new upstream modules, such as MariaDB 10.5, OpenSCA 1.3.4, PostgreSQL 13, Python 3.9, Redis 6, scap-security-guide 0.1.54, Subversion 1.14, and SWIG 4.0, as well as an updated toolchain consisting of GCC 10, LLVM 11.0.0, Rust 1.49, and Go 1.15.7. There are also major changes around security, networking, identity management, clustering, kernel, etc. Among these, there?s support for TCP encapsulation and security labels for the IKEv2 protocol for the IPsec VPN provided by Libreswan, integrity checking support for the fapolicyd framework, and full support for the nmstate network API for hosts.