ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 Linux Ships with KDE 4, Plasma 5, GNOME and MATE Flavors

Based on the latest ROSA 2014.1 platform, the ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 Linux distribution ships with no less than flavors featuring the KDE 4, KDE Plasma 5, GNOME, and MATE desktop environments, and two years of extended support, which means that you’ll receive software updates and security patches until Fall 2018. Unfortunately, ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 doesn’t ship with the latest software versions and GNU/Linux technologies that are now popular amongst various distros. All four editions ships with the long-term supported Linux 4.1.25 kernel (the latest version is Linux kernel 4.1.29 LTS), but kernels from the Linux 4.4 LTS and Linux 4.6 series are installable from the main software repositories.