Rough sailing for smart ships

This was reported a long ago, but newcomers may not be aware of
it. For those already aware of this, we apologize for posting

Newcomers – Here’s a very real and scary reason why we should
not encourage our government (or anyone else, for that matter) to
make use of Windows NT in mission critical systems.

Jim Dennis writes:

This month’s Scientific American (November, 1998 vol 279, no 5)
covers the “NT Goes to Sea” fiasco with the U.S. Navy on page 46,
col. 1

“Rough Sailing For Smart Ships”

by Alden M. Hayashi

No mention is made of Linux or Unix. (I don’t think I’d
recommend putting any COTS OS into the role they’ve described —
without having manual over-rides. I think these guys need to read
Fatal Defect by Ivar Peterson and subscribe to the comp-risks
forum/mailing list.

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