Salon: Goodbye, Internet poster boy

“Marc Andreessen steps down from his CTO job at America
Online. Is there anything left of Netscape?”

“When America Online bought Netscape, there was talk in the
technology world that AOL did it to kill off a potential

“For all practical purposes, Netscape’s browser, which was to
the Net what the Model T was to the highways of the early part of
this century, is dead.”

“Mozilla.org, the group of Netscape engineers who set out to
develop a powerful new open-source version of the Netscape browser
is moribund — or, from AOL’s point of view, worse than moribund,
because instead of sticking to browsers, Mozilla.org is working on
a messaging application that might compete with AOL’s own. All
that’s left is Netcape.com, Netscape’s struggling Web

“In the end, it’s not clear who took whom for a ride.”

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