Science denier James McCanney launches campaign to develop secure mobile OS

Science denialist James McCanney (comets are hot/electric discharges, NASA and scientists are lying to you) recently has launched a indiegogo campaign to finance the development of a mobile operating system without “NSA backdoors”.

“SMART PHONES – TABLETS – LAPTOPS – DESKTOPS … Today you are being forced to accept SPYING as a fact of life. Windows 10 and Android based systems offer an open door to NSA and other covert spying on ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES. Hackers use these same portals to look into your devices. You have been robbed of your privacy.”

The solution, according to James McCanney, is to develop a fresh operating system with user security in mind:

“My experience as a system developer and telecommunications engineer gives me the knowledge to cure the problem at the source. A complete replacement of the operating system in your device will eliminate all the “backdoor” entry points and monitor all activity UNDER YOUR CONTROL. My new WINDROIDS 11 O/S is the final solution so you can rest easy from now on.”

He even has some programmers “eager to get started”:

“I have developed contacts with the smartest programmers in the business. They are eager to get started. We have set a goal of 4 months from the final date of the funding to release the first version of WINDROIDS 11 O/S. In software terms this is a near impossible goal BUT i am confident that we can meet that goal given proper funding.”

You can take a look at the IndieGoGo campaing at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/windroids-11-os-the-securest-operating-system/