SearchOpenSource: Why Linux Isn’t Too Fat & MS Hurts Customers

[ Thanks to Peter
for this link. ]

Some people say that Linux desktop distributions like
SuSE and Fedora are getting too fat, requiring too many resources.
Do you agree?

Peter van der Linden: I don’t agree with that
proposition. It’s been clear for the last five years that memory
continues to outperform the predictions of Moore’s Law by growing
in capacity and dropping in price even faster than expected. You
can buy a gigabyte of DRAM for around $100 today. We should not be
optimizing our desktop application and system software for low
memory footprint. Instead, we should seek intelligent ways to take
advantage of the expanded resources. This is what Apple is doing
with their new file system meta data search. You can (even) look
through hidden data on your system, like the EXIF information in
image files. The search is fast because the data are indexed
offline when you aren’t using the system…”

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