SEUL.org: Linux in science report #4

“In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had an interesting
discussion on some of the tools necessary for the use of Linux in
science. One such ‘killer app’ for science is a general program for
data management that is flexible enough to interface to existing
open source apps to do many of the tasks fairly common in science –
graphing (Grace and Guppi), visualization (XGobi), analysis

“Dejasearch is a perl program which gives the user more
flexibility than that offered by the default interface to the
DejaNews archival / search service. This doesn’t exactly fit the
“scientific apps” category, I know. Since there are numerous news
groups in the sci.* hierarchy that often contain useful info, any
tool making searching more effective (read: faster) is worth

GNU Octave is a program for numerical analysis, simulations
of dynamic systems and the like. Mostly compatible with Matlab, it
works in both an interactive command-line mode as well as via batch