SJ Mercury: Break up Microsoft

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for this link. ]

“Break it up. That’s what the federal courts should do with
Microsoft Corp., the most powerful and unrepentant monopolist to
have emerged since the heyday of Standard Oil. And it’s what the
U.S. Justice Department, 19 state governments and the District of
Columbia should request this week when they file their proposed
sanctions with U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson.”

“I wish a less drastic solution could work. And I fear the
government lawyers, who overwhelmingly proved their case in a
pathbreaking antitrust trial, will talk themselves into milder —
and ultimately useless — remedies.”

“But the record is all too clear. Microsoft’s leaders
plainly do not believe the antitrust laws apply to what they do.
They are smart and tenacious and will thwart any sanctions that do
not fundamentally alter the company’s structure.”

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