SJ Mercury: Microsoft’s best hope is to contain damage

Thanks to John Wolley for
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“IF the Microsoft Corp. antitrust trial were a play, would
critics call it a drama or a farce? Either way, it’s heading into
the second intermission before the third and final act — and if
you thought the case has been interesting so far, just wait.

At this juncture, Microsoft’s task is vastly more difficult than
the government’s. By almost all accounts the company’s own
witnesses have done at least as much to aid the government’s case
as the government’s witnesses, if not more.

It now seems inconceivable that Microsoft could come out of the
trial with a victory. But the company may still have a chance to
mitigate the worst of the damage if it does something dramatic in
the April endgame, when both sides will call their rebuttal

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