SmartFLeX Technology announces new Linux based Coud Computing solutions

Allentown, PA 07/08/2013: SmartFLeX Technology and its partner Microapex are announcing a new Cloud Computing Solution. The new Cloud Computing Solutions are based on an Open Source Linux based Virtual Desktop Cloud Computing stack, developed by a well established open source company.

The Virtual Desktop Cloud Computing solution allows to publish Linux and/or Windows applications from their respective applications servers to PC (Linux and Windows), Thin Client, and Tablet (Android and iOS) users. Access to the applications are via a Java enabled browser or via a native Client. A HTML 5 client solution is in beta testing now. The client side sports a customized virtual Desktop (Linux or Windows look alike) or a Portal Mode and Application Sharing on the users Desktop via the available native client.

Local storage and printer devices and multimedia events are supported. Existing data servers can be integrated into the cloud solutions back-end.

The back-end of the cloud system features an elaborate administration panel that allows the system administrator to manage the cloud setup through a secure browser connection.

SmartFLeX Technology and its Partner Micropaex are in the process to jointly develop various turnkey options and services surrounding the Cloud Computing software stack outlined above:

– Turnkey pre-installed custom internal and hybrid cloud solutions
– Cloud Server and SmartClients (SmartFLeX developed Thin Clients) for customers and Cloud Software stack to enable customers to develop their own cloud solutions
– Consulting, Support and Training solutions for above outlined cloud computing solution

SmartFLeX and Microapex jointly develop and operate a Cloud Computing Center that provides small businesses with a turnkey hosted cloud solution allowing customers to focus on their core business without having to worry about building and maintaining their own SMB IT environment.

Please visit the company WEB site http://www.smartflextech.com frequently to learn about details and availability schedules as they become available.