SOGo v3.0 now available with new Web GUI!

SOGo v3.0 is finally out with a brand new Web interface! It has been completely rewritten for a better interaction with your mails, calendars, and contacts on any screen size. The GUI and UX is aligned with the Google Material Design guidelines; SOGo’s Web frontend is built using the recently released Angular Material implementation.

SOGo v3 shares the same backend code as v2 so all the Enterprise ActiveSync features, DAV capabilities and native Outlook compatibility are present in v3 and they share the same maturity as v2. However, the new Web interface reaches new heights. Here is a list of big changes in v3:

* complete rewrite of the JavaScript frontend using Angular and AngularMaterial;
* responsive design and accessible options focused on mobile devices;
* horizontal 3-pane view for a better experience on large desktop screens;
* new color palette and better contrast ratio as recommended by the W3C;
* improved accessibility to persons with disabilities by enabling common ARIA attributes;
* use of Mozilla’s Fira Sans typeface.

See http://sogo.nu for all details.