Solus 4 Is Coming Soon with Experimental Wayland Session for GNOME, Linux 4.15

Solus Project’s Joshua Strobl posted today more details about the upcoming Solus 4 desktop operating system and some of the new features that will be integrated. These include a revamped Software Center with the latest Linux Driver Management for better hardware driver support, Hotspot support, Budgie 10.4.1, MATE 1.20, and an experimental Wayland session for the GNOME edition. It would appear that the release of the Solus 4 snapshot depended on the integration of Canonical’s snapd Snappy daemon for enabling users to install and run Snap apps on the distribution. Apparently, more work needs to be done this area, so the Solus devs decided to delay the snapd integration to unblock Solus 4, yet no release date was set in stone at the moment of writing.