Solus to Use New Sol Package Manager Soon, First Rolling ISO to Add Linux 4.8.8

Users of the rolling Linux-based computer OS received almost all of the recently released software applications and core utilities that are essential to such as a modern operating system, including Linux kernel 4.8.7, Mozilla Firefox 50.0, Vim 8.0.0085, Wine 1.9.23, PHP 7.0.13, HPLIP 3.6.10, SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.8, SMplayer 16.11.0, and much more. There are also a huge number of new packages added to the stable repos, which Solus users have requested recently. Among these, we can mention AmSynth 1.7.0, GNOME Power Manager 3.20.0, Apache 2.4.23, HTTrack 3.48.21, Retroshare 0.6.1, Sigil 0.9.7, as well as Suricata 3.1.2. All these are for you to install and keep on your Solus box.