SRO: When It Rains, It Pours – Linuxcare loses second top official

It came as little surprise on April 18 to Linux insiders
when Linuxcare’s chief information officer, Doug Nassaur, quit the
firm. Rumors of his conflicts with other executive at this
Linux-consulting and technical-support company had been circulating
for months.

“Coming on the heels of former CEO’s Fernand Sarrat resignation
last week, this pushes Linuxcare’s IPO into the far future. Pat
Lambs, Linuxcare’s day-to-day manager and member of the office of
the CEO, says that there was no connection between the

“The real problem seems to have been conflicts between three
different groups in Linuxcare. On one side, Sarrat was trying–and
it would seem failing–to keep the peace between Nassaur and his IT
staff, who joined him from his previous stay at E*Trade, and
open-source advocates. While no one will name names for the last
group, it’s well known that company founders–Arthur Tyde, Dave
Sifry and David LaDuke–are open-source leaders.”