Tails 2.10 Will Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.8 and Tor 0.2.9, Add exFAT Support

Based on the recently released Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 “Jessie” operating system, Tails 2.10 will also enable and use the Debian Jessie proposed-updates APT repository, the per-tab circuit view in Tor Browser, add support for the exFAT file system, and replace the AdBlock Plus add-on with the more popular and resource friendly uBlock Origin. There are numerous other small improvements implemented in Tails 2.10, including OpenPGP Applet 1.0 from Debian Jessie Backports, support for OnionCircuits and Tor Launcher to use the filtered control port, the ability to run OnionCircuits as the live user, which finally makes it compatible with the Orca screen reader utility.