Tails 2.12 Anonymous Live OS Is Out, Drops I2P as Alternative Anonymity Network

Tails 2.12 is the second security update to the Tails 2.x series, and possibly the last one to be published as the development of the major Tails 3.0 release nears its end. Besides addressing various long-standing issues and patching recently discovered security holes, Tails 2.12 ships with the more recent Linux 4.9.13 kernel. Linux kernel 4.9.13 promises to improve the support for newer hardware, including Wi-Fi and GPU, and Tails 2.12 is using Tor Browser 6.5.2 anonymous web browser by default, which is based on Mozilla Firefox 45.9.0. However, with this release, Tails completely drops support for I2P as alternative anonymity network.