Technetra: Sun’s Red Hatting Game

[ Thanks to Alolita Sharma for this
link. ]

“Sun’s President Jonathan Schwartz seems to have learned the
fine art of posturing from the master. In a campaign worthy of Sun
co-founder Scott McNealy’s earlier Microsoft bashing, Sun has now
targeted Red Hat with venom and vitriol. Since Sun’s settlement
prevents it from throwing punches at Microsoft, is Red Hat just a
convenient punching bag? But one has to question Sun’s wisdom of
picking on a dramatically smaller company. Why not go after IBM,
the 800-pound gorilla? At the same time that Sun is proud to
contribute to the open source community, it is equally proud of its
proprietary products. Ditto IBM. Schwartz should understand that
titans with similar portfolios are much better crowd-pleasers in
the boxing ring…”

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