The Devil’s in the Cloud: Our Headlong Rush into Ultimate Cybersecurity Vulnerability

There appears to be consensus in many quarters today that migrating to the Cloud is highly desirable…Ten years from today, what percentage of all that matters will live within an increasingly smaller number of ever more enormous data complexes??? Not just the transactional wherewithal to enable transportation, finance, government, food production, power transmission, manufacturing and education to function, but – far more consequentially – all data and, indeed, all human knowledge, less and less of which will find its way on to non-electronic media (remember paper?) for archival purposes at all.

This last trend has been well-recognized as a reason to take electronic cybersecurity more seriously. But this realization masks a far more serious vulnerability entirely, because systems that are the victim of a cyberattack can usually be restored again – often within hours. But a data farm that has been transformed into a smoking ruin by kinetic weapons of war or a terrorist attack may never be brought back on line again.