The Real Value of Ohio (GNU)LinuxFest

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

“Saturday night, as I was leaving the Ohio LinuxFest after
party, one of the organizers shared with me her apprehensions about
the value of the event, and how the community resoundingly put
those apprehensions to rest.

“Beth Lynn Eicher told me she had wrestled a bit with the value
of the Ohio LinuxFest, but that community members kept telling her
how they were so inspired by Ohio LinuxFest. To tell the truth, I
find it very inspiring myself. And for good reason. The Ontario
LinuxFest was inspired by the Ohio LinuxFest. Some Carolinians are
considering a similar push as well. But just what is it that drives
people to actually torture themselves by trying to organize these
monstrous events…?”