The Register: So-called hackers: please grow up

“We ran a story, Wednesday, on SDMI’s open challenge to hackers
to break its new music codes with the incentive of $10,000 for
anyone that did. Yes, it was a PR stunt but it was a pretty good
one. And a bloody big gamble.”

“…But soon after, with sad predictability, people start
putting themselves forward as hacker spokespeople, dissing the
whole thing with lame macho talk. “Yeah I’m not going to do it man,
they’re taking the piss. My skills are worth far more than $10,000.
It’s just a PR stunt.” Childish.”

“And our favourite: “Let’s boycott it man.” Boycott what, you
idiots? Will not trying to hack the codes have any effect on what
SDMI does? No, it won’t. If you don’t want to get involved, you’re
boycotting SDMI as much as we are boycotting the fitness centre
over the road.”


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