The Standard: Network Solutions Wants 2 More Top-Level Domains

“Network Solutions (NSOL) said today that it supports the
creation of two new generic top-level Internet domains to relieve
the crush of domain name registrations in the overcrowded .com,
.net and .org top-level domains.”

“NSI sent a position paper to the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers
, the nonprofit entity charged with
technical administration of the Internet. The paper recommends
that one new domain, “.shop,” be created and opened to all
registrants, and that a second, “chartered” domain, “.banc,” be
created specifically for use by banks and other financial
Furthermore, it calls for a new central registry
for each of the two new domains, suggesting that the “.shop”
registry be located in Europe and collectively managed by the
dozens of ICANN-accredited domain name registrars, including NSI.
For “.banc,” NSI recommends that a “core group” of global banking
industry representatives be appointed as registry gatekeepers.”

“”NSI believes that the competitive marketplace will benefit
from the new [top-level domains],” wrote Roger Cochetti, a company
executive. He urged ICANN to designate two new “proof of concept”
top-level domains right away to avoid “months or even years spent
in further analysis, debate about abstract criteria, and lengthy,
complex and contentious procedures and negotiations.””