Tiny Core Linux 4.6 Has Been Released

Highlights of Tiny Core Linux 4.6: added new mirrorpicker GUI; Apps GUI and ScmApps GUI were updated with menu options for mirrorpicker GUI; added -o option to tce-status, for checking orphan files on httpd mirrors; added ability to check for orphan files to Apps GUI; better support for PRETCE RAID disks in tc-config; ab was renamed to tce-ab; added isof applet and link to Busybox; tweaked isolinux.cfg; added signal trap to tce-ab and scm, in order to prevent abnormal termination; tce-load can now display options, if no initial options were specified; fromISOfile can now handle invalid devices; added OnDemand & OnBoot labels and Updates message to Apps GUI; added Updates message to ScmApps; flwm and wbar can now handle multiple Exec & Name items.