Tiny Core Linux 8.1 Brings Latest BusyBox with LZMA Capabilities, Improvements

Powered by the latest stable version of the swiss army knife of embedded Linux, BusyBox 1.27.x, Tiny Core Linux 8.1 adds an extra layer of improvements and bug fixes to the 8.x series of the distro. For example, it brings the Lempel???Ziv???Markov chain algorithm (LZMA) to BusyBox by patching it against the rpm2cpio lzma bug. In addition, Tiny Core Linux 8.1 re-enables the CONFIG_FEATURE_SYSLOGD_READ_BUFFER_SIZE=512 environment variable for BusyBox, and removes the duplicated BusyBox symlinks. Other than that, it looks like the release introduces static IP support to the tc-config tool.

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