Top 10 enterprise-grade features to expect in Fedora 17

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“Cloudstack ? The official description states that Cloudstack is
a ?mature, enterprise-grade, fault tolerant, multi-hyerpvisor,
production-ready IaaS platform.? If you do not know what that
means, then you have no need for Cloudstack. But seriously,
Cloudstack makes it easy for anyone with the resources, to provide
computers and adjacent components (Cloud Computing infrastructure)
as a service. Hence the acronym IaaS or Infrastructure as a
Service, the very foundation of a Cloud Computing offering. Thus
with Cloudstack, you can run an IaaS Cloud in Fedora 17. More
information about Cloudstack is available at Cloud.com.

“Bonding, IP-over-Infiniband, bridges and VLAN support for
NetworkManager ? Users will be able to configure these features
from NetworkManager. While most of these will be primarily for
enterprise users, Joe Desktop User will have the opportunity to
mess with interface bonding.

“DIET ? Distributed Interactive Engineering Toolbox is a grid
toolkit, a ?middleware designed for High Performance Computing in
heterogeneous and distributed environments (workstations, clusters,
grids, clouds).? In simple terms, DIET gives you the tools with
which to build computational servers. More about DIET here.”

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