Tor Browser 6.0.6 Adds Support for Tor, It’s Based on Firefox 45.5.0 ESR

Tor Browser 6.0.6 is a minor, yet necessary maintenance update to the 6.x series of the Firefox-based browser, adding support for the latest stable Tor anonymous network, as well as the latest Mozilla technologies. Tor Browser 6.0.6 is here one and a half months after the 6.0.5 point release and it looks like it’s based on Firefox 45.5.0 ESR (Extended Support Release). Among other goodies included in the Tor Browser 6.0.6 point release, which was integrated in the recently released Tails 2.7 amnesic incognito live system, we can mention the HTTPS-Everywhere 5.2.7 and OpenSSL 1.0.1u technologies for improved security when browsing the Web, as well as Torbutton, Tor Launcher, and Meek 0.25.