TuxArena Weekly News Round-Up: Feb 17 – Feb 23

Canonical Announces Two Mobile Phones Manufacturers for Its Ubuntu Phones
Canonical signed agreements with bq and Meizu to deliver and ship Ubuntu Phones. The first company is headquartered in Spain, while Meizu is a manufacturer from China. The announcement came on February 19, and, according to Mark Shuttleworth,

???The mobile industry has long been looking for a viable alternative to those that reign today. Ubuntu puts the control back into the hands of our partners and presents an exciting platform for consumers, delivering an experience which departs from the tired app icon grid of Android and iOS and provides a fluid, content-rich experience for all.???

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Ubuntu to Offer Locally Integrated Menus in 14.04 Trusty
Ubuntu will be reverting back to menus integrated in applications in its upcoming, LTS release. In terms of looks and usability, this should be a very good improvement for Trusty (read more here, here and here.

Plasma Next to Be Released in June
News flash from the KDE development on the next Plasma technology, which will have a first release in June this year:

Next means Focus on the Core
Plasma Release Schedule

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Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest Comes to an End
The Ubuntu 14.04 wallpaper contest started more than a month ago, and it arrived to an end, with winners to be announced shortly (read more here). Xubuntu already announced the winners for the wallpapers that will be included in this distribution.