Ubuntu 17.04 to Offer an Evolved Unity 8 Session as More Apps Will Run as Snaps

As Canonical’s convergence vision continues for Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus), due for release in April 2017, the company will provide users with a more evolved Unity 8 session where more applications run as Snaps. Additionally, it also looks like the Snappy Store will be fully set up to run Snaps as Snappy is becoming the default in a future version of the Debian-based operating system. Unity 8 developer Micha?? Sawicz also reveals the fact that Ubuntu 17.04 and beyond will offer a mature Unity 8 interface that will be offered as a Snap package for both mobile and desktop platforms. There will also be full window management support, a new Mir abstraction layer called Miral, which will be integrated into future versions of the Mir display server, and better Unity 8 support in pointer-based environments.