Ubuntu-Based ExTiX Distro, the Ultimate Linux System, Updates Its Deepin Edition

Based on the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) operating system, the ExTiX 18.4 Deepin Edition is now available and it ships updated components, including the latest Deepin 15.5 Desktop, the Calamares 3.1.12 universal installer framework, and a custom Linux 4.16.2 kernel with extra hardware support. While most of the components included in the ExTiX Deepin 18.4-2 release are the same as the ones available in the ExTiX 18.4 LXQt edition, you can study the full list of installed packages for details, users will be able to easily create their own ExTiX Deepin Live ISOs with the Refracta Tools, which is pre-installed. The developer assures us that even a ten-year child can do it.